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Is Closer Close Enough

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A review of the new calling plan from Telkom for residential customers - by Glenn Hurlow CISA

As you are probably aware from their aggressive marketing campaign, Telkom have recently introduced a multitude of new calling plans and special packages. The fixed line operatorís marketing department has been working overtime and we have been bombarded with enticing names like SupremeCall, XtraTime, InfinitCall and Closer. Is this simply a move to counter increasing competition from the mobile operators as well as expected competition from the second network operator (SNO), or to confuse the consumer into paying more for his calls? Letís take a look ...

Mail Merge formats

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Mail merge is one of the underused functions in Microsoft Word. It allows one to connect to external data sources in order to print or email information to distribution groups.

The data one encounters while using Mail Merge might not always be consistent for display purposes. This includes text fields that are captured in combinations of lower, upper, title and sentence case... It also includes date fields that might not display as one would like to. An example would be where a date shows as 01/01/2000, but ...

This document discusses formatting options available in Microsoft Word.

For more information on ODBC access email

MS Word 2003 special character shortcuts

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One often has a requirement for special characters that are not shown on the keyboard. Examples include Í, Ž, Ť, ť, Ý, ķ, Á and Ů. Furthermore, most of these characters are valid for a, e, i, o and u and are required for lowercase and capital letters.

All of these characters are available in Word, using Insert | Symbol, or by learning the old ALT + number combination required. There are however more than 40 combinations!

So what is an easier way to achieve this in Word and in Outlook email? Download the document above to find out how easy it can be.

MS Word 2003 shortcuts

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Some tasks in Word require more than one click of the mouse. There are however many shortcuts to achieve some of these tasks in MS Word.

Use this document as a guideline to quickly change the font size of text, or change a word to all uppercase. Further tips include: How to double underline a word, what is the fastest way to make a number superscript or subscript and more?

Don't wait. Learn more now!

Download the document above to find out how easy it can be.

Broken Excel spreadsheet links?

Relink Excel spreadsheets, where the ODBC data source has changed.

Email to find out how to do this.

Desktop backup of SQL?

Create a script file that will backup an MSSQL database from a user's desktop.

Email to find out how to do this.

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