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Published:  2005-10-05 | Updated:  2006-10-30

Legal Notice

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eMail Terms and Conditions

The information in or attached to this email is proprietary and confidential and may be partly or wholly legally privileged. It is intended only for persons duly authorised to receive such information. If you are not so authorised kindly notify the sender immediately by reply to this email and destroy the email and attachments. Storing, copying, forwarding or printing this email or attachments or disclosing any of the information contained therein is prohibited.

While we are entitled to rely on and hold you to your offers, warranties, representations or other statements in or attached to this email, we do not accept liability for the information in or attached to this email or for the consequences of reliance or action thereon unless you confirm that the email is sent by a duly authorised representative of nico henn consulting.

If the information in or attached to this email is defamatory, derogatory or offensive; purports to conclude an agreement binding on nico henn consulting; infringes any copyright, client confidentiality or any other legal right, then it has been sent contrary to policy and outside of the senders scope of employment and only the sender can be held liable in their personal capacity.

The information in or attached to this email cannot be guaranteed to be secure, free of errors or malicious code. nico henn consulting does not accept any liability for any harm or loss due to errors or malicious code or from delay in its receipt.

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